Club Events


Upstairs at the Cossie Club, Taupo

No door charge

(A gold coin donation would be apprecited)

Why not join the Cossie and enjoy a meal first.

Please book ahead to guarantee a table!

For restaurant enquiries and bookings please call:

(07) 3780381 or email

Chalk Board

Ringed number = who are playing together

Get your team together in advance!

Jammers!! Please read....

What to do

  1. Just bring your instrument, stomp-boxes and leads. Or just your voice!

  2. Bring some Blues song ideas.... keep them simple and you are sure to find someone to jam with.

  3. Give your name & skills to the chalk-board God, and we will make you feel at ease and try to team you up with other muso's and get you up playing.

  4. Try to be ready! Keep an eye on when your circled-number is coming up. Avoid delays on stage by being tuned and ready!

What NOT to do

  1. Please DON'T bring BACKING TRACKS!!! This is a live music event for real music and real musicians. Keep it LIVE!!!

  2. Don't stress! We are a friendly club, and want to encourage jamming. And that means trying new things and making mistakes. You will be in good company!

Are bands welcome?

IF you are a visiting BAND or DUO you will be very welcome! But please enter into the spirit of the club and

  • Keep music to a Blues theme

  • invite other musos on the chalk-board to join you on stage (we can help you with that)

This club is not about competition... it's about making new friends.

Back-line guitar amplifiers will already be there - available and setup. No need to lug an amp. (Or lug one if you must!).

MAX 3 songs on stage, then let someone else up (depending on numbers).