Taupo Blues Club


To the home of Taupo Blues

Taupo Musos! Home alone? All dressed up and no-where to play? Come along to our Blues Night, make some new friends, and meet some new potential band-mates!

Whether you are a singer, guitarist, keys, drummer, harp or sax player, you will be very welcome.

If you are not a musician, you are equally welcome to come and enjoy our club night.

We are working hard to...

1) Create a warm and welcoming atmosphere & ambience.

Welcome musicians of all ages and abilities, and encourage them to “sign up” on the chalk-board to jam later. This is not a competition! Give it a go, makes mistakes, you will be in good company!

2) Create the best sound quality possible

Full miking up of drums and back-line. Experienced sound engineer.

3) Encourage Taupo’s top musicians to work together

The “Taupo Blues Collective” will kick off the night, and is made up from a rotating list of Taupo’s best and most experienced musicians and singers.

4) Encourage Jammers to mix it up

Whether you are a band, duo, or solo, you will be on-stage playing together alongside other jammers from the chalk-board. This gives more musos the chance of playing, and gets you out of your comfort zone and enjoy new sounds and friends!

5) Capture the event

Some performances will be multi-track recorded, videoed and published to this site

Need some inspiration?!